20180707 - Chasing Dragons - The Giffard Arms20180707 - Theia - The Giffard Arms20180707 - The Loved and Lost- The Giffard Arms20180707 - Mystiek - The Giffard Arms20180707 - Tear It Down - The Giffard Arms2016 Highlights01102016 - Last Great Dreamers Supporting Toseland2022017 - Alcuna Wilds Scary Canary02122016 - The Lizards Supporting Jaws Rainbow Rooms03042017 - Yolanda Brown Supporting Billy Ocean03102016 - Luca Brasi Supporting Moose Blood O2 Institute03102016 - Turnover Supporting Moose Blood O2 Institute04032016 - Forever Never Supporting Theory Of A Deadman O2 Institute04092015 - Bon Giovi Woody Bar07102017 - Fury Fire And Forge Festival07102017 - Grim Reaper Fire And Forge Festival07102017 - Left For Red Fire And Forge Festival07102017 - Mordrake Fire And Forge Festival07102017 - Purgatory Fire And Forge Festival07102017 - Rival Bones Fire And Forge Festival07102017 - Seargeant Thunderhoof Fire And Forge Festival07102017 - Sinnergod Fire And Forge Festival07102017 - Soulstripper Fire And Forge Festival07102017 - Spreading The Disease Fire And Forge Festival07102017 - Syren City Fire And Forge Festival07102017 - The Loved And Lost Fire And Forge Festival07102017 - Valous Fire And Forge Festival07102017 - Void Fire And Forge Festival07102017 - We Come From Ashes Fire And Forge Festival07102017 - Witch Tripper Fire And Forge Festival08042016 - Drag Supporting The Rezillos Slade Rooms08112016 - Every Grey Supporting Delain O2 Institute08112016 - Kobra And The Lotus Supporting Delain O2 Institute08122015 - Turnstile Supporting The Story So Far The Asylum08122016 - Fews Supporting Pixies O2 Academy09032017 - The Regulars Supporting Otherkin09112015 - Tall Ships Supporting We Are The Ocean10112017 - Cyberaptor Scruffy Murphys10112017 - Disarm Goliath Scruffy Murphys10112017 - Genesis Arc Scruffy Murphys10112017 - Mourning Sun Scruffy Murphys10122016 - Ferocious Dog Supporting The Levellers O2 Academy10122016 - Gaz Brookfield Supporting The Levellers11122015 - Bombus Supporting Cluch Wulfrun Hall11122015 - Green Leaf Supporting Clutch Wulfrun Hall12122015 - Arcane Roots Supp Don Broco Wulfrun Hall12122015 - Coasts Suppoting Don Broco Wulfrun Hall12122015 - Symmetry Supporting Don Broco Wulfrun Hall13042016 - Zoax Supporting Funeral For A Friend O2 Institute13102017 - Cenfora Scruffy Murphys13102017 - Cyberaptor Scruffy Murphys13102017 - Devil In Dorian Scruffy Murphys13102017 - Nitroville Scruffy Murphys14102017 - Aramantus Supporting Chasing Dragons The Station Cannock14102017 - Chasing Dragons The Station Cannock14102017 - Sister Shotgun Chasing Dragons The Station Cannock14102017 - Southfall Supporting Chasing Dragons The Station Cannock14102017 - The Loved And Lost Supporting Chasing Dragons The Station Cannock15082015 - Definatley Mightbe Robin216122015 - Ho99o9 Supporting Slaves O2 Institute16122015 - The Rhythm Method Supporting Slaves O2 Institute16122016 - Lionize Supporting Clutch O2 Institute17122016 - Glass Mountain Supporting Embrace Copper Rooms17122016 - One Sided Horse Embrace Copper Rooms19112016 - Life Supporting Slaves O2 Academy19112016 - Shame O2 Academy Supporting Slaves19122015 - Hidden Skies Rainbow Rooms21042016 - Attila Supp Hollywood Undead O2 Academy23022016 - Transviolet Supporting Twenty One Pilots O2 Academy23112016 - Tax The Heat Supporting Terrorvision Wulfrun Hall24032016 - Anti Clone Supp Mushroomhead O2 Academy24032016 - Sanguine Supporting Mushroomhead O2 Academy24072016 - Muncie Girls Rainbow Rooms25032016 - Home Town Supporting The Vamps Genting Arena29012016 - Paradise Circus Supporting The Rooz29012016 - The Rooz Rainbow Rooms29012016 - The Second Trip Supporting The Rooz Rainbow Rooms29092016 - Black Rose Cadillac Slade Rooms29092016 - Illustr8ors Slade Rooms30112016 - Cosmo Pyke Supporting Jaws Rainbow RoomsA Mouth Full Of Matches Rainbow CourtyardBrutai Supporting Kobra And The Lotus The Slade RoomsCabbage O2 InstituteCircus Of HorrorsCircus Of The BizarreDeclan Mckenna O2 InstituteProject Future Scruffy MurphysSister Shotgun Supporting Kobra And The Lotus The Slade RoomsThe Loved And Lost Mr BladfestThe Loved And Lost Redditch Palace TheatreThe Loved And Lost Scruffy MurpysThe Loved And Lost Supporting Kobra And The Lotus The Slade RoomsThe Prophets Rainbow CourtyardWhite Tyger Slade Rooms